• 99.5% Epichlorohydrin UN No.:2023
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      99.5% Epichlorohydrin UN No.:2023

      Application Mainly used to make Glycerol, epoxy resins, Chorohydrin rubber, Polyether polyol, is important material for producing Glycerol and 2,3-Epoxy-1-propanol derivative, and also for solvent. Packing, storage and transportation Dangerous Levels : 6.1 toxic substances...
    • 99.9% Epichlorohydrin CAS No.: 106-89-8
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      99.9% Epichlorohydrin CAS No.: 106-89-8

      1 Name 1.1 Name: Epichlorohydrin ; 3-Chloro-1, 2-epoxypropane; ECH 1.2 Fusion point: C3H5ClO 1.3 Molecular Weight: 92.52 1.4 CAS No: 106-89-8 1.5 UN No: 2023 2 Technical specification Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid, no impurity 3Physicochemical properties 3.1...
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