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Isovaleric acid

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 11, 2016

1. for the production of sedative-hypnotic isoamyl bromide ureide. But more for the production of spices (in Japan accounted for eliminating 80% of the boiling). Isoamyl acids esters used in perfumery include isoamyl acids acetate, isoamyl propionate, isoamyl isovalerate acetate, isoamyl acids Mang Bull esters, isovaleric acid and isovaleric acid benzyl ester of cinnamic esters. Low-level isovaleric acid esters as a flavoring, advanced isovaleric acid esters for cosmetics. Natural isoamyl acids stored in the Valerian oil, vanilla oil, hop oil, bay leaf oil, Spearmint oil, and GB2760-86 provisions to permit the use of flavoring. Mainly used for the preparation of the cheese and cream flavor and traces for the fruit flavor. Used in the manufacture of medicines, spices, flavoring and so on.

2. commonly used in baked goods, meats.


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