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Chloroacetic Acid Storage And Transportation Notes

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2017

Physical and Chemical Properties of Monochloro Acetic Acid

Colorless or white crystals. Exists in three lattice forms (α, β, γ), where γ is the most stable. Contains a small amount (<0.5%) of dichloroacetic acid, sulphate, acetic acid and water. Have a strong hygroscopicity. Molecular formula C2-H3-Cl-O2. Molecular weight 94.50. Relative density of 1.58 (20/20 ℃). Monochloroacetic Acid Melting point 61 ~ 63 ℃ (commercial acid). The boiling point of 189 ° C. Flash point 126.11 ℃. The vapor density is 3.25. Vapor pressure 0.13kPa (1mmHg43 ℃). Soluble in water; soluble in benzene, ethanol and acetic acid. Heating decomposition, Monochloroacetic Acid the formation of toxic chloride.

Fire-fighting measures

With fog water, carbon dioxide, foam fire.

Storage instructions

Packaging signs: corrosive products. Packaging method: (II) class. Acid-resistant packaging. Storage conditions: Store in a cool, well-ventilated warehouse. Away from fire, heat. Monochloroacetic Acid Should be with the oxidant, alkali objects isolation storage and transportation. Keep the container sealed.

Leakage treatment

Leakage treatment must wear gas masks and gloves. Covered with baking soda, mixed into the container after adding water for 24 hours, diluted with water into the wastewater system.

Contact opportunity

Production of carboxymethyl cellulose intermediates, is the preparation of thioglycolic acid, glycolic acid and other raw materials, the pharmaceutical industry in the preparation of caffeine, Monochloroacetic Acid barbiturate and so on. Others, such as for the manufacture of spices, plasticizers, herbicides and surfactants.

Chloroacetic acid production line installation project has been completed, the production capacity of 20,000 tons per year, ancillary works for the 1000KVA substation facilities, a 30 ℃ cryogenic refrigeration unit 3 sets, and metering, water supply, storage, office, etc. The utility has been completed.

Chloroacetic acid

Is an important organic chemical intermediates, in recent years the world's total consumption in more than 800,000 tons, China's total annual consumption is also about 500,000 tons, is synthetic dyes, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, spices, oilfield chemicals, paper Chemicals, textile auxiliaries, surfactants, Monochloroacetic Acid synthetic food additives and other important raw materials. With the technological progress and development of a new field of application of chlorinated acetic acid gradually developed, the market prospects are very promising, according to China Chlor-Alkali Association of industry experts predict that by 2008, the domestic demand for chlorinated acetic acid will be 8% annual growth rate Growth, coupled with exports to Europe and the United States and other developed countries, the demand will be growing. At present, the domestic chemical industry remediation, will be part of the production enterprises are relocated and will close the small scale, backward technology companies, and our company is newly built in the chemical concentration of new enterprises, approval procedures complete, technology, technology and equipment with the domestic Variety of enterprises, the use of advanced technology at home and abroad, technology and equipment, a quality of chlorinated acetic acid, which gives us a better business opportunities.


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