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Epichlorohydrin Is A Wetting Agent

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 11, 2017

Epichlorohydrin is a thermosetting water-soluble cationic resin, is used to enhance the strength of wet paper (paperboard) of the paper-making auxiliaries, also known as wet paper strength enhancer, referred to as wet strength agent, this paper Epi+D13:K14chlorohydrin describes the polyamide Synthesis of epichlorohydrin. The synthesis process was divided into the preparation of polyamide polyamine and the preparation of polyamide epichlorohydrin. The optimum reaction conditions of polyamide epichlorohydrin were determined by experimentally checking the ratio of materials and reaction time and temperature. The average yield of the product was 81.52 %, The highest yield of 85.82%.

Epichlorohydrin as a wet strength agent, can improve the quality of paper (cardboard), to expand the scope of application, especially for China's papermaking better raw materials - wood fiber shortage, mostly low-quality non-wood fiber as the main raw material to produce different Type, different grades, different uses of paper (cardboard); for improving the speed of papermaking and waste paper recycling and reproduction have provided a very necessary conditions.

Epichlorohydrin concentration detector Product use Note:

With the rapid development of national industry, human exposure to harmful gases more and more places, resulting in the harm to mankind itself is also growing, again and again poisoning accident, so that people clearly aware of the development of industry While protecting the importance of human safety. So the alarm, the detector has become an industrial safety in the Epi+D13:K14chlorohydrin production of essential protective equipment. Choose our products is to choose a peace of mind, rest assured that for the safety of everyone please use more secure higher performance equipment. Your safety is the goal of our efforts. Our services are: to solve the problem for customers, customers wholeheartedly serve!

Oxychloride Market Research Report

Epichlorohydrin industry market tracking to collect the relevant data, comprehensive and accurate analysis of the overall structure from the industry for your system. Based on the macro-environment of the industry, the current market capacity, production scale, development speed and competitive situation of China's epichlorohydrin industry in recent years have been analyzed in detail in the production and sales situation of epichlorohydrin industry and the demand of the industry. The analysis of epichlorohydrin industry import and export market, industry upstream and downstream industry chain operation, Epi+D13:K14chlorohydrin industry market demand characteristics, and the epichlorohydrin industry market leader in business conditions analysis, and finally the future development of epichlorohydrin industry trends And make a forecast for investment prospects.


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