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One Chloroacetic Acid Is Beneficial To The Improvement Of Product Quality

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 18, 2017

A chloroacetic acid, also known as chloroacetic acid, chloroacetic acid, usually slightly written as MCA or MCAA. The structure type is ClCH2 Cooh, MW94 5 0. It is a colorless crystalline solid that exists in four crystalline forms, α, β, γ, δ. The melting point of the four crystals is not the same, Monochloroacetic Acid only the Alpha crystalline form is stable. Industrial MCA is composed of α form, boiling point under normal pressure 180 ℃. A chloroacetic acid containing both chlorine and carboxyl groups, the substitution of chlorine is electronic, so one chloroacetic acid is stronger than acetic acid. Carboxyl groups can react with alkali to produce salts, produce various esters with alcohols, and react with some acylation to produce chlorine acetyl chloride. Monochloroacetic Acid There is a chlorine on the α-carbon atom of chloroacetic acid, also can produce two chlorine, three chlorine acetic acid, the acidity is stronger. Chlorine atoms can be substituted by hydroxyl groups to produce ethanol acids, which are important ingredients for fine chemicals. The chlorine atom is substituted by amino acid to produce various amino acids. Monochloroacetic Acid The chlorine atom is substituted by Cyano to produce cyano-acetic acid, which has important use in dyes, pharmaceuticals, adhesives and so on. Chlorine atoms can be substituted by phenol hydroxy to produce various carboxymethyl phenyl ethers. The chlorine atom is substituted by sulfhydryl to produce sulfhydryl acetic acid, it is the most important ingredient of the cold perm potion.

A chloroacetic acid is an important chemical raw material for pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes and other products. The main content of chloroacetic acid and the content of two chloroacetic acid were determined, and the volumetric titration method was usually used. Because of the analysis steps, Monochloroacetic Acid the analysis time is long, the quantitative analysis of the finished product, especially the middle control process, can not play a fast and effective role, and the changes can not be compared and judged, and the product quality improvement has no small impact. In order to find a shorter and more accurate analysis method, we propose the following methods according to the experiment. Monochloroacetic Acid In this method, the standard sample of chloroacetic acid and the measured sample are esterified at the same time, Monochloroacetic Acid and the normalized area of gas chromatographic correction is applied to the quality control analysis of the finished product and the production process. Because of the retention of chromatographic map, the production process of each batch of products can be compared and analyzed, conducive to product quality improvement.

A chloroacetic acid is an important organic chemical raw material. With the development of domestic synthetic industry and the opening up of international market, Monochloroacetic Acid the new requirements for the yield and quality of one chloroacetic acid were put forward. The improvement of quality has become the key to be solved quickly in the future. The requirement of one chloroacetic acid in the international market is very large, Monochloroacetic Acid but because of the standard of one grade of chloroacetic acid in our country: The content of one chloroacetic acid was 96.5% and two chloroacetic acid was 0.5%.

In the production process of a chloroacetic acid, the overdose of chlorine is a common problem in the production of a chloroacetic acid plant, especially after the production of two chloro-propanol by hydrogen chloride in the production of a chloroacetic acid, the excess chlorine has a certain effect on the quality of two chloro-mercaptan. Because the excess chlorine can make the free chlorine content of two chloro-propanol increase greatly, and the excessive chlorine in addition to not and glycerol reaction, Monochloroacetic Acid through the absorption system of hydrochloric acid water absorption is not easy to absorb, Monochloroacetic Acid so there is a large amount of excess chlorine gas escape; At the same time, the amount of excessive chlorine in the production process of a chloroacetic acid is also larger, generally excessive $number, In the late stage of the reaction of chloroacetic acid, the problem of excessive chlorine is more prominent. The general solution is to slow the access of chlorine gas.

A large number of chlorinated hydrogen produced during the production of chloroacetic acid, in the past, I only absorbed part of the plant, a part of the atmosphere in the spread, not only seriously affected by environmental health, and the crop damage is very large, near the agricultural society reflects a lot of meaning, at the same time, the absorption of hydrochloric acid, production value is also low, per ton of hydrochloric 30~240 yuan Recently, as a result of my factory and the Chinese Resin Factory collaboration experiment, Monochloroacetic Acid the production of a chloroacetic acid with hydrogen chloride in the process of manufacturing two of chlorpromazine success, and has been a large number of production, the Chinese resin factory test results in the 貭 volume expressed satisfaction. In the process of manufacturing epoxy resins, there is a large number of needs, currently only in Shanghai, a land of two chloro-propanol per year to $number tons


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