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Particularity Of Pivalic Acid

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

Specific valerine Appearance: white or light yellow crystals

Structure: (H3C) 3CCOOH

Molecular weight: 102.13

Packing: net weight 180 kg plastic drums

Physical and chemical properties: white or light yellow crystal. The initial boiling point of 163 ° C, the melting point of 35.5 ° C, the flash point of 73.9 ° C, the boiling point of 163.8 ° C, relative density (50 ° C) 0.905, soluble in alcohol, ether, soluble in water, 1 g of this product dissolved in 40ml of water.

Uses: pivalic acid because of its structure of the particularity, in the synthesis of fine chemical products has a wide range of applications. Pivalic Acid Widely used in pesticides, pharmaceuticals, initiators, coatings, for high-grade paint polymerization initiator photosensitive materials, spices, lubricants and many other areas.

Special valproic acid in the middle of the list of dangerous chemicals can not be found, the SAWT has a document is found in the list are not called dangerous chemicals, and other valmatic flash point of 73.9 ℃, under normal circumstances flash Points are higher than 61 ℃ are not called hazardous chemicals, Pivalic Acid so special valeric acid is not dangerous chemicals.

A method for producing pivalic acid is as follows: The carbon tetrafilde containing butadiene and sulfuric acid are mixed in a reactor in the same manner as in the case of carbon tetrafilde containing no butadiene, sulfuric acid and carbon monoxide as raw materials, In a certain temperature and pressure under the esterification reaction, the lower part of the upper layer containing isobutene little raffinate, Pivalic Acid the lower layer and carbon monoxide carbonylation reaction, the hydrolysis, separation after the finished product, the main point is: its characteristics are: The butadiene-containing carbon fraction (1) is used in place of the isobutene to produce pivalic acid. Compared with the prior art, the product is produced by the reaction of carbon tetrafilde containing butadiene, sulfuric acid and carbon monoxide to produce pivalic acid, and the dilute sulfuric acid part of the hydrolysis reaction is directly used as raw material for esterification reaction, and the other part is concentrated As a carbonylation reaction raw materials recycled. The invention reduces the hydrolysis of tert-butyl sulfate, the dehydration of tert-butyl alcohol and the rectification process of crude isobutene, and reduces the amount of dilute sulfuric acid in comparison with the process of carbonylation of p-butyric acid by sulfuric acid absorption-decomposition method. Reduce investment and reduce energy consumption, Pivalic Acid thus greatly reducing the cost of production.


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