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Performance Of Table Chlorine Alcohols

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 18, 2017

Table chlorine alcohol colorless oily liquid with irritating odor like ether and chloroform, toxic and narcotic.

Dissolution: Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, Epi+D13:K14chlorohydrin acetone and many other organic solvents.

Use: Sexually active, when hydrolysis of Mr. Α-chloride glycerin, then generate glycerol. Used for preparing glycerol, epoxy resin, chlorine alcohol rubber, digestive glycerin explosive, FRP, electrical insulating products, etc. Also used as cellulose ester, cellulose ether and resin solvents.

Epi+D13:K14chlorohydrin Can be oxidized by propylene, hypochlorite, saponification, 1, 2-propylene oxide by chlorination, or by 1, 3-two chloro-propyl alcohol by saponification.

The method used to produce the table chlorine alcohol, includes: the removal of hydrogen chloride from two allyl alcohol produced by glycerol, wherein the glycerin is obtained by saponification, ester exchange and/or hydrolysis during the conversion of fats and/or oils from plants and/or animal sources, Epi+D13:K14chlorohydrin and the glycerin contains aldehydes.

Preparation of a table of chlorine alcohols, wherein, in the first reaction step, the allyl chloride containing chlorinated propane reacts with hydrogen peroxide in excess. Separating and homing of the reactive allyl chloride into the reaction, wherein a portion of the separated allyl chloride is introduced to the second reaction step and reacts with hydrogen peroxide, which selects the amount of hydrogen peroxide in the second reaction step, Epi+D13:K14chlorohydrin which makes allyl chloride react to a large extent. The reaction mixture is separated from the second reaction step and removed from the process by distillation.

Table Chloro Alcohol paper wet strength agent, the table of chlorine alcohol due to many properties than the common urea-formaldehyde resin and melamine, has become the main varieties of papermaking wet strength agent. MPPE-1 new papermaking wet strength agent compared with domestic existing products, Epi+D13:K14chlorohydrin tearing degree (longitudinal, transverse), tensile strength (longitudinal, transverse), wet tensile strength (longitudinal, horizontal) and other indicators are superior to domestic existing products, at the same time have low cost advantages, comprehensive can reach or exceed the domestic level.


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