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Physical Parameters Of Pivaloyl Chloride

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 21, 2017

Pivaloyl chloride is one of the important intermediates of synthetic rubber additives, amides, phenolic esters of acylating agents, but also synthetic pyrimidine herbicides, high efficiency and low toxicity pesticides "maloxone" and some important intermediate medicine body.

Pendoyl chloride production process intermittent and continuous process, with pivaloyl chloride as raw materials, chlorine or sulfuryl chloride chlorination reagents. Pivaloyl Chloride Specific chlorination methods are hot chlorination, chlorination and catalytic chlorination

Characteristics of pivaloyl chloride

Colorless transparent oily liquid, soluble in general organic solvents, Pivaloyl Chloride water and alkali easily decomposed, flammable

Specific parameters of pivaloyl chloride

Density: 0.979 g / mL (25 ° C)

Boiling point: 105-106 ° C

Flash point: 19 ℃

Refractive index (n20 / D): 1.412 (lit.)

Specificity of pivaloyl chloride

Danger code: F, T +

Hazard class: 11-14-22-26-34

Safety level: 16-26-36 / 37 / 39-45

UN number: UN2438

Domestic Hazardous Chemical Number: 81117

Tyvaloyl chloride safety data

Dangerous goods logo F; T instructions

Hazard category code R11; R22; R23; R34 Description

Safety Instructions S16; S26; S28A; S36 / 37/39; S38; S45 Description

Pivaloyl Chloride Dangerous goods transport number UN 2438

Pivaloyl chloride is a very important acylation reagent, mainly used as pharmaceutical intermediates, in many amide and phenolic drugs in the preparation of the main raw materials; Pivaloyl Chloride has been used for hydroxylamine penicillin and cefadroxil, cephalosporins Oxazoline, Pivaloyl Chloride bivalirvine adrenaline and other drugs. It is also used extensively for the production of pesticide intermediates such as chlorpentanoyl chloride.

Chemical synthesis for the protection of amino groups, Pivaloyl Chloride while increasing the steric effect, easy to get a specific location products.


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