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Pivaloyl Chloride Detonation?

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 11, 2016

Hazardous characteristics: vapors may form explosive mixtures with air, open flame, high heat is highly combustible explosive. Reacts violently with oxidizing agent contacts. In contact with water, react violently, gives off irritating and corrosive hydrogen chloride gas. Subject to high thermal decomposition, emit toxic gases. Meet the tide is corrosive to most metals. In case of high fever, increased pressure within the container, is in danger of cracking and exploding.

Hazardous combustion products: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen chloride.

Fire: firefighters of filter type respirator must be worn (full cover) or isolation type respirators, wear full body fire gas-protection suit, in the wind on fire. Move containers from fire area to the open air as much as possible. Cooling water spray to keep fire containers until the end of the fire. Container in the fire if you have color or produce sound from the safety pressure relief devices must be immediately evacuated.

Extinguishing media: dry chemical, carbon dioxide, sand. Never use water and foam


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