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Pivaloyl Chloride Is Mainly Used As A Pharmaceutical Intermediate

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

Pivaloyl chloride alias: trimethyl acetyl chloride

Structural formula: (CH3) 3CCOCl

Molecular formula: C5H9ClO

Molecular weight: 120.58

CA Index: [3282-30-2]

Traits: colorless and transparent with irritating odor, Pivaloyl Chloride soluble in a variety of solvents,

Packing: 200kg / barrel

Uses: pesticides and pharmaceutical intermediates for the production of ampicillin, cefazolin antibiotics, herbicide ketone (Nongsi it) insecticide, oxazole and pesticide wide-chi Ling, Pivaloyl Chloride also used in the production of initiator TBPP, Photosensitive materials, etc., in the polymer polymerization has been widely used.

Pivaloyl chloride is a very important acylation reagent, mainly used as pharmaceutical intermediates, in many amides and phenolic drugs in the preparation of the main raw materials; Pivaloyl Chloride has been used for hydroxylamine penicillin and cefadroxil, cephalosporins Oxazoline, bivalirvine adrenaline and other drugs. It is also used extensively for the production of pesticide intermediates such as chlorpentanoyl chloride.

Physical parameter editing

Density: 0.979 g / mL (25 ° C)

Boiling point: 105-106 ° C

Flash point: 19 ℃

Refractive index (n20 / D): 1.412 (lit.)


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