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Production Of Monochloroacetic Acid

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 21, 2017

Chloroacetic acid is colorless or yellow crystals, irritating and corrosive. It has a wide range of applications in pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes, cosmetic, surfactants, Monochloroacetic Acid chemical reagents and paper chemicals, oilfield chemistry, textile auxiliaries, rubber auxiliaries, electroplating, spices and fragrances.

In medicine, used to prepare caffeine, theophylline, vitamin B, glycine, fluorouracil, adrenaline, barbiturates and so on.

In the daily chemical industry, can be synthetic depilatory, dye aid, flotation agent, flavor, spices, surfactants, antistatic agents.

In the organic synthesis, Monochloroacetic Acid can be used to synthesize thioglycolic acid, ethyl cyanoacetate, malonic acid, cyanide, chloroacetyl chloride and many other intermediates.

Production of monochloroacetic acid

Domestic chlorine and acetic acid production using intermittent chlorination method, that is, chlorine and acetic acid as raw materials, sulfur as a catalyst, chlorination, crystallization, filtration, Monochloroacetic Acid centrifugation and other processes were a chloroacetic acid products. Monochloroacetic Acid The method has the advantages of simple process, less investment and easy operation control.

Red phosphorus, sulfur or iodine catalyzed:

CH3CO2H + Cl2 → ClCH2CO2H + HCl

There are basically two methods for the production of chlorinated acetic acid abroad. First, acetic acid chloride chlorination reaction, the United States and Canada to use this route. Another way is trichlorethylene with sulfuric acid hydrolysis, Monochloroacetic Acid using this route mostly for Western European countries. Continuous method and intermittent chlorination compared to the following three advantages of a device size sophomore production technology advanced, high quality product is less pollution and less.


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