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Special Amyl Acid For Synthetic Medicine

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

Isoamyl acid is an important chemical reagent and chemical raw material, which can be prepared by the reaction of isobutene with carbon monoxide and water vapor or tert-butanol and formic acid in industry.

For pesticide, medicine, dye intermediates, used for high-grade coating polymerization initiator photosensitive material, spices, lubricants and so on.

Isoamyl acid, also known as three methyl acetate or 2, 2-two-propionic acid, or new amyl acid, is an important chemical raw material. Because its carbonyl group is connected to the tertiary carbon atom, Pivalic Acid it shows some special physical and chemical properties, which have been widely used in the organic synthesis industry. In recent years, a variety of new medicine, pesticides, paints and other intermediates are the starting material for the special amyl acid, these intermediates show a very bright development prospects, Pivalic Acid domestic and foreign markets are optimistic, many intermediates have become a hot product of development, the downstream market huge development space stimulate and promote the production and development of the special amyl acid.

Because of its special structure, it is widely used in the synthesis of fine chemical products. Widely used in pesticides, pharmaceuticals, initiator, paint and many other fields.

Isoamyl acid is one of the most widely used alkyl carboxylic acids. As an important chemical raw materials and chemical reagents, mainly used in synthetic polymer initiator, pesticide intermediates, Pivalic Acid pharmaceutical intermediates, plasticizers, food additives, paints, lubricants, glycidyl, dispersant, spices, etc., in the fine chemical products in the synthesis also has a wide range of applications.

The special amyl acid is the medium effect initiator, has the non-toxic, the low temperature high activity characteristic. It is a composite initiator system which is composed of high efficiency initiator peroxide bis (ethyl ether) ethyl carbonate, which can shorten polymerization reaction time, Pivalic Acid increase production efficiency, distribute heat evenly in polymerization reaction process, narrow relative molecular weight distribution and improve product quality.

Special amyl acid for synthetic medicine

The acyl chloride (hydrochlorothiazide, three-acetyl chloride) is used for the production of ampicillin and Cefazolin antibiotics. Pivalic Acid Imak has reported that three methyl acetate has a drug effect on the substituted benzene ester, which has the effect of inhibiting the activity of pancreatic peptide enzymes (elastase) for the treatment of emphysema, atherosclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.


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