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Special Amyl Acid Is An Important Chemical Raw Material

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 18, 2017

Isoamyl acid is an important chemical reagent and chemical raw material, which can be prepared by the reaction of isobutene with carbon monoxide and water vapor or tert-butanol and formic acid in industry.

Isoamyl acid is the raw material of fine chemical products such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, spices, plasticizers, paints, special chemicals and polymeric additives, Pivalic Acid and is usually synthesized by Koch reaction in industry.

Isoamyl Valerate, alias new amyl acid, three methyl acetate, 2, 212 methyl propionic acid, white crystals, melting point 35. SC, boiling point 163.7 ℃, relative density 0.905 (50 ℃), refractive index 2.393 (36.5 ℃). Soluble in water, soluble in alcohol ether, corrosive. The special amyl acid is an important chemical raw material and chemical reagent, it is one of the most widely used alkyl carboxylic acids to form a stable molecular structure, Pivalic Acid which is an important chemical raw material for pesticide, medicine and dye intermediates, as well as high-grade paints, polymerization initiators, photosensitive materials and spices.

The special Amyl acid (three-methyl-acetic acid, 2-2-two-propionic acid) is a kind of important chemical product and has a very wide application in fine organic synthesis of medicine and pesticide because its carbonyl group is connected to the tertiary carbon atom.

Isoamyl acid is an important organic synthesis intermediate, which is mainly used to synthesize the antibacterial agent of ampicillin and cephalosporins [1]. The synthetic process reported in the synthetic literature is expensive, the selectivity and reactivity of catalysts are poor, Pivalic Acid the energy consumption is high, Pivalic Acid the process is complex and the yield is low, so the cost of the product is high, which limits its use. $number

In recent years, a variety of new medicine, pesticides, paints and other intermediates are the starting material for the special amyl acid, these intermediates show a very bright development prospects, domestic and foreign markets are optimistic, many intermediates have become a hot product of development, the downstream market huge development space stimulate and promote the production and development of the special amyl acid.

Because of its special structure, it is widely used in the synthesis of fine chemical products. Pivalic Acid Widely used in pesticides, pharmaceuticals, initiator, paint and many other fields.

Application of Pesticides

The synthesis of a variety of new pesticide fungicides by using isoamyl acid, acetic acid or acetone as raw material. Plant growth regulators and pesticides, such as triazole alcohol, benzyl alcohol, triazole (powder Rust ning), paclobutrazol, diclofenac alcohol, special effects triazole, ketoconazole, amyl alcohol, metronidazole, oxytocin, ketoconazole and so on. These products have high efficiency, low toxicity, internal absorption, broad spectrum, low dosage, long period of residual effect, and so on rice, wheat, soybean, fruit trees, vegetables and other crops, such as pests and diseases and resistance to plant lodging has a very good control effect.

Medical applications

It is also used for producing ampicillin, ampicillin, Cefazolin and other semi synthetic antibiotics, which is the raw material for the production of furosemide and the double effect of the adrenal gland. Prednisone has good solubility, high efficacy and small side effects, Pivalic Acid and can be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Benzoyl Valerate can increase the stability of capillary and can be used to treat tuberculosis. The fluorine-a pine prepared by the special amyl acid can be used as the active component for treating psoriasis ointment.

Application of Initiator

tert-butyl peroxide produced by the reaction of acyl chloride with tert-butyl peroxide can produce free radicals, and the use temperature can be low to 50 ℃, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, short induction period and short cycle period. In addition, using it as an effective initiator, Pivalic Acid the production of polymer thermal stability, good electrical properties, non-toxic, in the structure of the product molecular weight and linear good advantages, can be used as food packaging bags.

In Japan, the new peroxide initiator was synthesized by tert-amyl acid (HPP), which is a medium-effective initiator with no toxicity and low temperature activity. It has many advantages in the production of PVC suspension by the composite initiator system which is composed of the high efficiency initiator peroxide bis (ethyl carbonate). Pivalic Acid Can shorten the polymerization time, the reaction radiates evenly, facilitates the process operation, the Product granule shape is good, "the Fish Eye" is few, the molecular weight distribution scope is narrow, the product quality is good.

There is a great potential for the synthesis of the initiator and the research should be intensified.

Application of Coatings

Compared with the conventional initiator, the polyacrylic acid ester coating produced by the preparation of isoamyl acid by selecting a special structure of initiator and chain transfer agent, Pivalic Acid the synthesis of high solid content of polyacrylate ester of the hinge paint in the aging experiment shows a higher gloss and gloss performance.

The special amyl acid can also be used for the preparation of epoxy resin powder coating treatment agent. The powder coating treated with this kind of treatment agent has excellent color and luster and is not easily hydrolyzed and durable.

Other applications

The special valerate has the hydrolytic resistance and the certain aromatic odor, may use in the shampoo soap the spice. In the case of N-propyl acetate, which has a fruity flavour, n-amyl isovalerate has an orchid flavour and a citrus flavor. Allyl valerate can be used to make hairspray. It can be used as the brake oil of the truck, Pivalic Acid and its lithium salts as engine fuel additive may increase the octane number. Using the special amyl acid as the fineness of photosensitive material, it has a small amount of silver consumption, Pivalic Acid which is advantageous to reduce thin layer, improve film clarity and speed of coupling reaction. In addition, the special amyl acid can also be used as metal extractant, wood preservatives and so on, widely used.


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