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Special Amyl Acid Is Widely Used In Many Fields Such As Pesticides

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

Isoamyl acid, also known as three methyl acetate or 2, 2-two-propionic acid, or new amyl acid, is an important chemical raw material. Because its carbonyl group is connected to the tertiary carbon atom, it shows some special physical and chemical properties, which have been widely used in the organic synthesis industry. In recent years, Pivalic Acid a variety of new medicine, pesticides, paints and other intermediates are the starting material for the special amyl acid, these intermediates show a very bright development prospects, domestic and foreign markets are optimistic, Pivalic Acid many intermediates have become a hot product of development, the downstream market huge development space stimulate and promote the production and development of the special amyl acid.

Because of its special structure, it is widely used in the synthesis of fine chemical products. Widely used in pesticides, pharmaceuticals, initiator, paint and many other fields.

The special amyl acid is the pesticide, the medicine, the dye intermediate, uses in the high-grade coating polymerization initiator photosensitive material, the perfume, the lubricating oil and so on.

Special Amyl acid use: for scientific research purposes only, not as drugs, Pivalic Acid home spare drugs or other uses.

Physical and chemical properties of Isoamyl Valerate

Appearance character: Colorless crystallization. Soluble in water, Pivalic Acid easily soluble in ethanol, ether.

Solubility: Soluble in water, easily soluble in ethanol, ether.

Melting Point: 32-35°c (lit.)

Boiling point: 163-164°c (lit.)

Density: 0.889/at 25°c (lit.)

Vapor density: 3.6 (vs Air)

Vapor pressure: 9. $number mm Hg (60°c)

Refractive index: 1.393

Flash point: 147°f

Storage conditions: 2-8°c

Solubility of Water:/(20ºc)

Merck: 7511

BRN: 969480

Special amyl acid is used as pesticide, medicine, dye intermediate, also used for high-grade paint, Pivalic Acid polymerization initiator, photosensitive material, perfume, lubricating oil, etc.

A method for the production of isoamyl acid, its technical plan is as follows: the carbon fractions containing butadiene, sulfuric acid and carbon monoxide as raw materials, first of all the carbon fractions of butadiene and sulfuric acid in the reactor mixed, at a certain temperature and pressure under the esterification reaction, Pivalic Acid divided into the upper layer of the small isobutene with little residual liquid, lower and carbon monoxide to the carbonylation of the reaction , after hydrolysis, separation of finished products, the main points are: its characteristics are: the carbon four fractions of butadiene (1) to replace the Isobutene, the preparation of isoamyl acid. Compared with the prior art, the acid is produced by the reaction of carbon fractions, Pivalic Acid sulfuric acid and carbon monoxide without butadiene, and the dilute sulfuric acid part of the hydrolysis reaction is directly used as the raw material of the esterification reaction, and the other part is recycled as the carbonyl reaction material after being condensed. The invention reduces the hydrolysis of tert-butyl sulfate, dehydration of tert-butyl alcohol, distillation of crude isobutene and reduction of dilute sulfuric acid concentration compared to the process of sulphuric acid production by sulfuric acid absorption-decomposition of isobutene. Reduced investment and reduced energy consumption, thus greatly reducing production costs.


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