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Special Valence Acid Is Used In Many Fields Of Pesticide

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 11, 2017

Special valeric acid, also known as trimethylacetic acid or 2,2-dimethyl propionic acid, also known as pivalic acid, is an Pivalic Acid important chemical raw materials. Because of its carbonyl group can be connected to the tertiary carbon atoms, it shows some special physical and chemical properties, in the organic synthesis industry has been widely used. In recent years, a variety of new pharmaceuticals, pesticides, coatings and other intermediates are special valeric acid as the starting material, these intermediates show a very bright future, domestic and international market consensus, many intermediates have become hot development products, Downstream market huge development space to stimulate and promote the production and development of pivalic acid.

Aspartic acid because of its structure of the particularity, in the synthesis of fine chemical products has a wide range of applications. Widely used in pesticides, pharmaceuticals, initiators, coatings and many other areas.

Pivalic Acid Pivalic anhydride has the characteristics of high purity, less impurities, excellent quality and stable quality

Pivalic acid, Trimethylacefic acid, is an important chemical raw materials for pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes intermediates, such as pivalic acid, trimethylacetic acid, 2,2-dimethyl propionic acid, , But also for high-grade coatings, polymerization initiators, photographic materials, spices, etc., is the most widely used alkyl carboxylic acid one.

Mainly used as industrial spices, can be used for soap, shampoo, etc., also used as pharmaceutical intermediates

Specific valence acid

Danger code: F

Hazard class: 11

Safety Level: 16

United Nations No .: UN3272

Pivalic Acid Domestic Hazardous Chemical Number: 32145


White solid (20 ° C), d440 0.905, boiling point: 163-164 ° C


180kg / barrel or 20 tons / TANK cans


For pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes intermediates, for high-grade paint polymerization initiator photosensitive materials, spices, lubricants and so on.


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