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Synthesis Of Chloro - Pivaloyl Chloride

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

Chloro-pivaloyl chloride nature, use and production process

Chemical properties

This product is colorless with irritating liquid, b.p.85 ~ 86 ℃ / 8 kpa, n20D 1.4530, Chloropivaloyl Chloride the relative density of 1.199, f.p.62 ℃, soluble in ether.


3-Chloro-pendoyl chloride is an intermediate of herbicidal dioxins and oxadiazones.


Used as medicine, pesticide intermediates, Chloropivaloyl Chloride can be used for the synthesis of pesticide maloxione


Medicine, pesticide and other chemical synthesis.

production method 

The preparation method is in the reaction flask by adding 3-chloropuranoic acid and thionyl chloride, heating reaction, after the end of the reaction of the remaining thionyl chloride, Chloropivaloyl Chloride and then distilled under reduced pressure products.

A New Synthesis Method of Chlorpentane

Chloro-pivaloyl chloride (2,2-dimethyl-3-chloropropionyl chloride) is one of the important raw materials for the synthesis of 3-xiaoxazolinone heterocyclic compounds. These heterocyclic compounds are widely used in new auxiliary development Agents, fungicides, herbicides and the like. The synthesis of chlorpentanoyl chloride as an important intermediate is a key step in the preparation of the above heterocyclic compounds. There are few reports on its synthetic methods. There are few, mainly pivaloyl chloride and hydroxy-valeric acid chloride method, but the side reactions are more, the main product yield is low, it is difficult: [industry. In 1983 Et al. Chloropivaloyl Chloride Reported the preparation of chlorinated pivaloyl chloride by the reaction of chlorinated pivalic acid with thionyl chloride under argon protection, but the reaction conditions were harsh and the reaction time was as long as 20 h. In this study, special valeric acid was used as the raw material, and the self-designed and improved gas-phase reaction device was used to make the pivalic acid to be chlorinated and then reacted with thiophosphoric acid and thionyl chloride under pyridine for 5 h. The total yield of chlorpentanyl chloride was 88.5%. The method does not need inert gas protection, easy to operate, and the reaction is rapid, stable, less by-products, easy to industrialization, is a good method of synthesis of chlorpentanoyl chloride.


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