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The Application Of Monochloroacetic Acid In Medicine

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

Chloroacetic acid, also known as chloroacetic acid, is colorless or yellow crystals, irritating and corrosive. It has a wide range of applications in pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes, cosmetic, surfactants, chemical reagents and paper chemicals, oilfield chemistry, textile auxiliaries, rubber auxiliaries, electroplating, spices and fragrances.

In medicine, used to prepare caffeine, theophylline, vitamin B, glycine, fluorouracil, adrenaline, barbiturates and so on.

In the daily chemical industry, Monochloroacetic Acid can be synthetic depilatory, dye additives, flotation agent, flavor, spices, surfactants, antistatic agents.

In organic synthesis, can be used to synthesize thioglycolic acid, ethyl cyanoacetate, malonic acid, cyanide, chloroacetyl chloride and many other intermediates.

Previously, monochloroacetic acid products are basically in the form of solid-state packaging, waste bags are contaminated, the need for professional treatment. With the environmental protection policy to severe, liquid chloroacetic acid in the country can not learn from the ratio of technology and production equipment, research and development more difficult. Chloroacetic acid after several times the experiment, Monochloroacetic Acid to overcome the liquid chloroacetic acid crystallization, corrosion equipment and other problems for the product to quantify the production lay a solid foundation.

Chloroacetic acid use

Determination of zinc, calcium, silicon and titanium. Monochloroacetic Acid Synthetic caffeine, epinephrine, aminoacetic acid, naphthalene acetic acid. Manufacture a variety of dyes. Rust Remover.

For the preparation of pesticides and organic synthesis intermediates. Used as an acidizing agent for starch adhesives. Or intermediates for dyes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, Monochloroacetic Acid synthetic resins and other organic synthetic materials. The dye industry is used to produce indigo dyes. Chloroacetic acid is also an important carboxymethylating agent for the preparation of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid, etc., also used as non-ferrous metal flotation agent and chromatography reagent. [1] 

1, for the manufacture of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC).

2, in the pharmaceutical industry for the preparation of synthetic caffeine, epinephrine, amino acid, vitamin B6, chlortetracycline and other intermediates.

3, the pesticide industry for the preparation of dimethoate, Monochloroacetic Acid naphthalene acetic acid, thiocyanate acetic acid, iszidate, herbicide 2,4D, herbicides and other intermediates.

4, the dye industry for the production of indigo and naphthylacetic acid dyes.

5, for the preparation of carboxymethyl cellulose and analytical reagents synthesis of intermediates.

Method: from chlorine and acetic acid in the phosphorus, sulfur and other catalysts in the presence of the role. It can also be prepared by trichlorethylene hydration or chloroethanol oxidation.


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