Pivaloyl Chloride

purity:99.5% min pivalic acid:0.3% max Pivaloyl anhydride:0.3% max phosphorus trichloride:0.3% max packing:200kg,80 drum per 20'FCL
    • 99.5% Pivaloyl Chloride (CH3)3CCOCl
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      99.5% Pivaloyl Chloride (CH3)3CCOCl

      1 Name 1.1 Name: Pivaloyl Chloride 1.2 Molecular Formula: (CH3)3CCOCl 1.3 Molecular Weight: 120.58 1.4 CAS No: 3282-30-2 1.5 UN No: 2438 6.1/PG 1 2 Technical specification Appearance : Colorless and transparent liquid. 3 Physicochemical propertie 3.1 Appearance and Characters...
    • 99% Pivaloyl Chloride CAS No.: 3282-30-2
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      99% Pivaloyl Chloride CAS No.: 3282-30-2

      Application Pivaloyl Chloride is a kind of very important acylating reagent, mainly used for producing pharmacy industry, is mainly material for producing amides and phenol lipid drug, now also used for producing medicine of Hydroxylamine benzyl penicillin, Cephalosporins...
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